Street Trees

Street Trees


Chico is known as the “City of Trees,” with a robust urban forest history that began with John Bidwell. From how to care for your trees to what to do if you need one removed, we’ve got our Tree City USA covered.


Final Urban Forest Master Plan Available Below

The City’s urban forest is made up of trees growing on private property, along City streets, and in parks. Chico has developed a Final Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP), which will guide the City and tree care professionals to proactively and effectively manage our trees. 

Final Urban Forest Management Plan adopted 5-16-23

Internal Affair Committee Revision - 6-15-23

NEW!-Chico tree planting site/canopy analysis interactive map

(Draft) Final Urban Forest Master Plan

Final UFMP Technical Assessment

Draft Urban Forest Master Plan

Draft UFMP Strategic Plan (8-pages)

Draft UFMP Technical Assessment

Urban Forest Management Monitoring Plan

CEQA Notice of Exemption


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