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City of Chico

City of Chico

Fire Chief Steve Standridge
The Fire Chief’s job presents routine and emergency challenges every day. Preparation for emergencies requires far more time than does the actual response to those emergencies. In providing services to Chico, citizens, businesses, and visitors, a strong emphasis is placed on preventing emergencies before they happen. When prevention doesn’t work, the firefighters must be trained, equipped, and led in a way that minimizes death and injury, protects property, and preserves city resources.
The Fire Chief has to protect every firefighter’s life by making sure the Department’s employees are highly trained and use safe procedures. Along with the City Manager and City Council, the Chief assures that fire fighting vehicles are modern, safe, reliable, and well maintained. The Chief emphasizes the use of high technology personal protective equipment. The Chief manages the Department’s budget and recommends hiring highly qualified employees. The Fire Chief, working with the Fire Marshal and Inspectors, enforces the Fire Code, investigates fires for origin and cause, and provides public life safety education.
The Fire Chief works closely with the Police Department to provide 9-1-1 and dispatching services. He also works closely with the Public Works Department on the purchase and maintenance of fire apparatus and repair of fire stations. The Department has numerous mutual and automatic aid agreements with other agencies to provide fire, rescue, emergency medical, and hazardous materials response services.
No matter how well the Fire Department is currently doing, one of the most important tasks of the Fire Chief is to be sure that the Department is never satisfied with the status quo. The Chief encourages ways to improve training, is responsive to the public, and embraces new technology.
Contact Chief Standridge
(530) 897-3400

Deputy Chief

Christopher Zinko
Christopher Zinko

Battalion Chiefs

Jim Lucanic
Shift A – Jim Lucanic
Mike Watner
Shift B – Mike Watner
Wes Metroka
Shift C – Wes Metroka

Administrative Staff

Chico Fire station #1 sign
Administrative Support is provided by one Management Analyst, one Administrative Assistant, and one Fire Permit Technician.
The Management Analyst provides budget, data, and analytical support to the Chief Officers. The Analyst prepares specialized reports, organizes statistical data, tracks out of county incidents, and manages all fire department grants and professional services  and contractual agreements. Additionally, the Analyst is responsible for accounts payable/receivable, payroll and records management, and provides a wide variety of support not only to the Chief Officers, but to all Fire Department personnel.
The Administrative Assistant provides high-level administrative assistance to the Fire Department, Chief Officers and the Public. Duties include customer service, website management, public record/incident report requests, purchasing, training/event facilitation with the Training Captain, coordination of the Cal Card system, and more.
The Fire Permit Technician provides support to the Fire Marshal and Inspectors, assists with processing building plans, issues Uniform Fire Code permits, schedules inspections, manages fire and life safety billing and fees, assists with one-time specific projects, and provides staff with clerical assistance as needed.
Contact Information
(530) 897-3400

Former Fire Chiefs

Former Fire Chiefs

Fire Chief Bill Hack 2016 – 2017

Fire Chief Bill Hack

Fire Chief Shane Lauderdale 2014 – 2015

Fire Chief Shane Lauderdale

Fire Chief Jim Beery 2008 – 2013

Fire Chief Jim Beery

Fire Chief Steve Brown 1995 – 2008

Fire Chief Steve Brown

Fire Chief Charles R. Lowden 1984 – 1995

Fire Chief Charles R. Lowden

Fire Chief Phillip A. Johnston 1979 – 1983

Fire Chief Phillip A. Johnston

Fire Chief Don J. Kaye 1977 – 1979

Fire Chief Don J. Kaye

Fire Chief Elmer Brouillard 1953 – 1977

Fire Chief Elmer Brouillard

Fire Chief Charles E. Tovee 1921 – 1953

Fire Chief Charles E. Tovee

Fire Chief Edward Warren “Ned” Tuck 1920 – 1921

Fire Chief Edward Warren Tuck