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City of Chico

City of Chico

Chico VIPS at Annual Meeting
The Volunteers in Police Service (V.I.P.S.) is an organization that assists the Chico Police Department. The program is designed to have citizen volunteers perform routine police functions to help the department provide quality law enforcement service in our community. 
VIPS relieve police officers and department employees of many routine tasks.  This frees up police personnel to focus on proactive policing efforts.
Chico Police VIPS

Who Are the Chico Police V.I.P.S.?

Volunteers in Police Service are a diverse group of uniformed citizens dedicated to serving their community. The VIPS have become an integral part of the Chico Police Department, promoting safety and awareness, thereby creating a better relationship between the Police Department and the community.  The Chico Police Department could not accomplish its mission without the aid of the Volunteers in Police Service.
Volunteers in Police Service must be graduates of the Chico Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy. The Citizens’ Academy is a fifteen-week informative course which focuses on the operations of the police department.
VIPS must be 18 years of age, high school graduates or equivalent, and pass a background investigation. Volunteers will be screened as to judgment, maturity, and ability to work within the team concept. All VIPS are expected to maintain a very high level of integrity.
VIPS wear a uniform and are utilized by the department in a variety of ways. Volunteers provide hospitality services; assist with eyes and ears during patrol assignments, crime scenes, surveillance, data entry, traffic details, and many other functions. VIPS also may act as volunteer team leaders to provide support to monitor other community volunteers during special events such as Halloween, Cesar Chavez Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.
Additionally, the Volunteers in Police Service is a non-profit organization, which provides a mechanism to obtain donations for equipment and other expenses of the program.
Volunteers have been a part of policing for many years. The program is directly in line with the community policing philosophy of the Chico Police Department…that it is integrating the police department with citizens to enhance the service of the police department and safety of our community.

What do V.I.P.S. do?

VIPS do a variety of functions within and outside of the police department. Some common duties that they perform are listed below:
  • House/Vacation Watch
  • Emergency Call-Outs
  • Visible Presence at Special Events
  • Day and Night Patrol
  • Towing Abandoned Vehicles
  • Found Property Reports
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting

Additional information

For more information on the VIPS program, contact:
(530) 897-5861