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City of Chico

City of Chico

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for transportation and traffic safety planning, as well as bicycle/pedestrian related projects.  Activities include reviewing capital and development projects for traffic safety, bicycle and pedestrian impacts, preparing grant applications, conducting traffic modeling studies, and other transportation-related projects.
Photo of two bicyclists on adapted bikes.

Experience Chico by Bike

From pedaling through Bidwell Park's lush trails or cruising the city’s dedicated bike paths, Chico offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation. Whether you're a leisurely rider or a seasoned cyclist, experiencing Chico by bike promises a unique blend of exploration, connection, and pure fun!

Photo of two bicyclists on adapted bikes.

Road Conditions Map

Visit our Road Conditions Map for information on roads in Chico that may be experiencing delays or closures due to construction or other conditions. You can also visit our Projects page to find more information on City projects.



Downtown Parking

The City of Chico has deployed a new parking management system for metered locations in the downtown and campus areas.  Users can pay with coin or card through Smart Meter Kiosks, and via mobile payment using the Passport Mobile application.  Please refer to the following resources: 

Downtown Access Plan

The Downtown Access Action Plan (DAAP) outlines the near-, mid-, and long-term steps needed to implement an effective and efficient parking program in the City of Chico.

Oversized Loads Permit

Local Road Safety Plan

The City of Chico Local Roadway Safety Plan (LSRP) establishes the framework and processes for identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing transportation safety improvements on local streets within the City.
The LRSP supports ongoing safety related efforts such as the Citywide Systemic Safety Project (CSSP) as well as location-specific roadway reconstruction projects currently underway.

Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Signals

The City of Chico Public Works Department is implementing a new type of traffic signal to provide safer, more efficient left-turns for motorists. The Flashing Yellow Arrow signals are a new display that will replace the circular green signals for left-turns at signalized intersections.

Speed Limits

Safety and common sense should determine your driving speed, even if it means driving more slowly than the posted limit under certain conditions. According to California Vehicle Code (CVC), “No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.”

Traffic Counts

Crash Data