Sheltering Provisions


Homeless Services Support Fund


Your contribution can make a difference!  The City of Chico has partnered with North Valley Community Foundation to create a charitable giving program that allows individuals to provide tax deductible donations towards homeless services within the City of Chico. Contributions will be used to help fund the City’s homeless services efforts such as services at the Chico Pallet Shelter and services at any other City sanctioned site.  Click HERE for additional information.

Warming and Cooling Center

Center Activation Criteria:

The Emergency Warming Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation, temperatures at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit with ¾ inch or more of rain, or temperatures at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with wind speeds at 15 mph or more.

The Emergency Cooling Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperature staying at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation for several consecutive days.

The Cooling Center is located at Depot Park. City staff continuously monitors weather conditions for Warming & Cooling Center activations. 

For more information, please contact the Public Works Operations and Maintenance Department at (530) 894-4200.

Community Shelter Bed Availability

The City of Chico has reached out to its community partners to provide a list of shelter space throughout the city. As of Tuesday, August 9, 2022 the following shelter beds are available: 

Jesus Center, located at 2255 Fair Street: Women’s shelter 7 open beds, Men’s shelter 0 open beds.

Torres Shelter, located at 101 Silver Dollar Way: 42 open beds.

Pallet Shelter, located at 2280 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy: 41 pallet shelters available.

For more information, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (530) 896-7200. 

Pallet Shelter Site 

Outreach is being conducted to determine the best sheltering provisions for those in need of temporary housing. While the City is not utilizing a waiting list, we are actively pursuing outreach and engagement to those who are unhoused to determine the right fit for each individual.

Warren v. Chico Settlement FAQ

Warren v. Chico Settlement Agreement

Press Release Announcing Site Operator and Other Service Contracts

Press Release Announcing Opening of Emergency Non-Congregate Housing Site

Alternative Camping Site

Per the Warren v. Chico Settlement Agreement, the City of Chico is required to provide an Alternative Camping Site “Site” for homeless individuals identified by the City’s Outreach and Engagement Team who are not eligible for the Torres Shelter or the Pallet Shelter. The Site is currently located at Eaton and Cohasset Road and is not available to RVs or vehicles, rather tent camping only. The City has provided portable toilets and dumpsters at the Site that will be emptied twice per week.

The Site is currently being managed by the Public Works Operations and Maintenance Department. For questions or concerns related to the Site, please email

Everhart Village

More information to come soon.

Shelter Crisis Plan

Shelter Crisis Plan

Homelessness Strategic Planning Efforts

Hope Street Coalition will assist the City of Chico to develop a comprehensive plan to address the negative impacts of homelessness on all citizens, housed and unhoused.  The Project will seek fundamental principles to inform and establish goals, programs, and outcomes to continually improve the quality-of-life experiences of the community. Attached is the contract with Hope Street Coalition as well as deliverables received from Hope Street Coalition.

Hope Street Coalition PSA

Report on Policy and Laws

Report on Gap Analysis

Report on Objectives, Data and Costs

Report on Findings and Desired Outcomes

Strategic Plan

Recommendations for City Ordinance


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