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City of Chico

City of Chico

mapsThe Map Advisory Committee (MAC) acts on parcel maps, finance maps, minor changes and/or time extensions to previously approved subdivisions, and all tentative maps which convert existing buildings into condominium projects.
Map Advisory Committee hearings are scheduled on an as needed basis the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the Engineering Conference Room, located at 411 Main Street, 2nd floor. 

Map Advisory Committee
  • Public Works Director
  • Community Development Director
  • or their respective designees
Staff Liaison

Agendas are posted on the first Thursday of the month, five days prior to the meeting. In addition the Map Advisory Committee may call for special meetings which will be posted when scheduled.


2024 Agendas

2023 Agendas

2022 Agendas

Condominium Conversion Projects
A condominium conversion is a special type of subdivision where one or more existing buildings are subdivided into individual units and the remainder of the site is designated a common area. Condominium conversions allow for individual units to be owned separately from one another while the common area outside the units is owned and maintained collectively by the unit owners. There are tenant notification requirements for property owners who intend to convert their site into a condominium project. These requirements ensure that tenants are: (a) informed of the owner’s intent to convert the building into condominiums, (b) informed of their right to not suffer termination of tenancy for 180 days following the notice of intent to convert, © given the first right of refusal to purchase the unit in which they reside, (d) offered a long-term lease if they are over the age of 62, and (e) provided with certain types of relocation assistance. Applications for converting existing buildings into condominiums are made using the same form as tentative subdivision maps and parcel maps and may be downloaded here: Tentative Map.