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Police Department Press Releases


The Press Information Office is a central location for the media and community to obtain information and press releases regarding the newsworthy events in which the Chico Police Department has played a role.

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Theft of Motor Vehicle, Mail Theft, Burglary Tools, and Methamphetamine Arrest

Case# 21-000181

On 01/16/21 at approximately 3:24 PM, a Chico Police Officer observed a lifted 2016 Toyota Tundra vehicle parked near the intersection of Muir Avenue and the Union Pacific railroad tracks in the Chico area. The officer recognized the vehicle as having recently been reported as stolen. The officer detained the sole occupant, JOSEPH STORY (44). STORY was in possession of methamphetamine, burglary tools, and mail stolen from burglaries of residences and post offices in Butte and Yuba County.


Paroled Burglar Arrested for Burglary

Case# 21-000295

On 01/15/21, the Chico Police Department received reports of a prowler, residential burglary, and thefts from vehicles in the area of Native Oak Drive and Yosemite Drive, Chico (Oak Valley Subdivision). In one incident, the suspect entered a vehicle and obtained a garage door opener to enter the occupied residence. This is a method frequently used in recent burglaries.


Burglary Suspect Arrest

Case# 21-000286

Booking Photo

On 1/14/21, at approximately 9:22PM, Chico Police Dispatch received a report from a concerned neighbor regarding a residence in the 1100th block of Salem Street. In particular, a strange man was loading items into a vehicle from an open garage.


Parolee Sex Registrant Arrested For Indecent Exposure

Case# 21-000240

Carlton Secrest

On 01/13/2021 at 10:19am, the Chico Police Department received a report of a suspect that just spit on a victim and was now masturbating on the sidewalk in the 1600 Block of Park Ave. Officers arrived on scene and detained the suspect. He was identified as Carlton Secrest (44). Secrest was confirmed to a be a sex registrant and currently on parole.


Elderly Woman Found After Becoming Lost on Walk

Case# 21-000173

Flora Hodge

On 1/9/21, Chico Police Dispatch received a report of a missing 80-year-old woman, Flora Hodge. Hodge was a resident of a local Care Facility. Employees discovered her missing after conducting a routine check of the facility. Hodge had exited the facility and began walking in the area alone. Due to Hodge’s age, time of night, and the irregularity of the behavior, additional resources were utilized. Chico Fire Department, Butte County Search and Rescue, and Butte County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the search for Hodge.


*UPDATE* #2 Shooting/Homicide

Case# 21-000097

Booking Photo

***Update*** #2
On 01/05/21, as result of the ongoing investigation into the homicide of Mr. Kevin Murillo, Chico Police Detectives arrested two individuals in connection with the homicide.
Diontanae TILLMAN (21 yrs., Chico, Ca) was arrested on suspicion of murder, robbery, and being armed in the commission of a felony.
Max ESCOBAR (20 yrs., Oroville, Ca) was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to murder.


UPDATE #1 Shooting/Homicide


At approximately 6:45 PM, CPD patrol, CFD, and Butte EMS responded to a reported hit-and-run collision near the Walnut St. / W. 3rd Street intersection. Upon arrival, first responders identified an apparent gunshot victim seated inside a vehicle. Lifesaving efforts were made, however, the adult male victim died at the scene. Minutes later near the W. Sacramento Avenue / Nord Avenue intersection, a CPD patrol officer stopped a suspect vehicle. Two suspects were contacted and detained. Detectives are working to establish whether or not the suspects were involved in the shooting.



Case# 21-000111

On 1/6/21, at approximately 8:17 hours, Chico Police Dispatch received multiple 911 calls regarding a shot seen at 711 (308 Walnut Street, Chico). As Chico Police Officers and Chico Police VSU Detectives were responding to the scene, a possible victim vehicle and suspect vehicle information was provided. Once officers arrived at 711, a vehicle that had damage was located. Witnesses described the suspect as a male carry a bag leaving the area.  As officers canvased the area, evidence that a shooting had occurred was located. No gunshot victims were located.



Case# 21-000097

At approximately 6:45 PM, CPD patrol, CFD, and Butte EMS responded to a reported hit-and-run collision near the Walnut St. / W. 3rd Street intersection. Upon arrival, first responders identified an apparent gunshot victim seated inside a vehicle. Lifesaving efforts were made, however, the adult male victim died at the scene.


Death in a Public Right of Way

Case# 21-000035

On 01/02/21, at 1:20 pm, a park goer reported seeing an unresponsive man in a camp near the east end of Sycamore Pool in Bidwell Park. Chico Police and Chico Fire emergency services were summoned to the scene. After assessing the man, the 58 year old male was pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no obvious signs of criminality located.
This press release is in response to a request to notify media outlets of a death located in the public right of way.
Chico, CA –


Assault and Illegal Weapon Arrest

Case# 20-007159

On New Year’s Eve, at about 10:15 am, the Chico Police Department began receiving calls of a fight in the parking lot of a business in the 200 block of Walnut St. The callers began reporting that at least one of the assailants had a pistol and was “pistol whipping” the other man.


Shoplift Suspect Fights with Officer

Case# 20-007089

On 12/27/2020 at 2102hrs, a Wal-Mart employee notified the Chico PD Dispatch Center to report that a shoplift had just occurred. An officer who was responding to the call for service, located the suspect who was later identified as Jamie Harper. The officer attempted to detain Harper near Oxford Suites on Business Lane when the suspect began to run away from the officer to avoid capture. The officer pursued Harper and a violent struggle ensued. Harper grabbed at the officer’s duty belt and vest which is where the officer’s weapons and equipment are located.


Arrest of Stalking and Pursuit Suspect

Case# 20-007080

On December 27th, 2020, at approximately 1:12 PM, the Chico Police Department received a 911 report of an unknown suspect, later identified as JEFFREY DONNELLY (39) pursuing three college aged females on the roadway. The suspect, driving a white Mercedes passenger vehicle, was reported to be making lewd gestures while driving dangerously and making multiple attempts to force the victims’ vehicle to stop. The incident started in the south campus area of CSUC and continued to Skyway. The victims drove toward the Chico Police Department.


Arrest of Sexual Battery and Lewd Conduct Suspect

Case# 20-007082

On December 27th, 2020, at approximately 2:50 PM, the Chico Police Department began receiving reports of a sexual battery and other lewd acts that occurred inside of Barnes and Noble, located in the 2000 block of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Parkway, Chico. Based on statements from victims, witnesses, and supported by security camera recordings, HAKEEM PARKER (30 years) was identified as the suspect in the incident. PARKER was reported to have groped a female customer’s buttocks and entered the women’s bathroom and peered over a stall as a customer utilized the restroom facilities.


Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Case# 20-007032

Twas the night before Christmas and the Chico Mall was bustling with last minute shoppers. At about 3:35 p.m. a victim called Chico Police Dispatch. He said a subject just pulled a gun on him in the mall parking lot after a road rage incident. An officer arrived on scene and spoke with the victim. He said the suspect, later identified as Cristian Delacruz, confronted him in the parking lot. Delacruz walked up to the driver’s window of his car and they exchanged words.


Felony Arrest

Case# 20-006989

On 12/22/20 at approximately 0320 hours a Chico Police Officer saw a vehicle traveling the wrong way on a one way in the downtown area of Chico. Upon seeing the violation, the officer conducted an enforcement stop on the driver and sole occupant. From the outset of the traffic stop the driver was evasive in answering questions and didn’t have identification to prove his identity. In addition, the vehicle identification number did not match the license plate on the vehicle.


Felon with a Firearm

Case# 20-007010

The Chico Police Department has had numerous window-smash automobile burglaries reported in the last few weeks. Most often the suspect or suspects are long gone by the time the crime has been discovered. This creates a need for officers to have a different strategy to combat these issues. A “proactive” approach to police work is when officers develop an area of focus on their own. There doesn’t always have to be a call for service to bring officers to a location to investigate crime.


Man Armed With a Golf Club Taken Into Custody

Case# 20-007006

On 12/23/20, at 11:59 AM Chico Police Dispatch received multiple calls of man swinging a golf club at passing vehicles near the intersection of Forest Ave. and E. 20th St. Officers responded to the scene to investigate the possible vandalism or brandishing of a weapon. Upon arrival, a single police officer started a dialogue with the subject. The subject was agitated and yelling incoherently. The subject was standing near his belongings which included a golf club. The subject was asked to sit on a nearby curb away from the weapon he was alleged to have been brandishing.


Strong Arm Robbery

Case# 20-006961

On December 20th, 2020, at approximately 12:24 PM, the Chico Police Department began receiving reports of two female suspects shoplifting in the area of the Chico Mall, located at 1950 E. 20th Street, Chico. At approximately 1:20 PM, the Chico Police Department received a 911 report from a victim in the Target business parking lot, reporting that two female suspects had forcibly stolen her purse. The victim reported that she was able to recover her purse from the suspects.



Case# 20-006885

On December 16, 2020, at about 8:43 pm, Chico Police Officers were dispatched to a shooting that had just occurred. The victim was waiting for officers in the parking lot of Liquor Bank, 915 Main Street. Officers arrived on scene in about 1 minute and spoke with the victim. The victim had suffered a gunshot wound and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The victim is expected to survive.

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