Parks & Outdoors

Parks & Outdoors

Bidwell Park Trail

Living in Chico is a dream for those who love the outdoors. Winters are generally mild with lows dipping into the 20’s during the coldest months with highs touching the low 100’s during the hottest. No matter the time of year, there is always something to get you outside.


Bidwell Park

A California Park and Recreation Society 2013 Regional Treasure

Upper Park Trail

One of the largest municipal parks in the nation, Bidwell Park truly is the crown jewel of the City of Chico. With its array of hiking and mountain biking trails, picnic areas, swimming holes, it is a city park like none other. We invite you to explore the many resources and amenities the park has to offer.

Maps, Documents and Other Information

Vegetative Fuels Management Plan Final EIR-April 2021

Final Vegetative Fuels Management Plan-April 2021

Caper Acres Master Plan
Bidwell Park Map
Bidwell Park Rules
Lower Bidwell Park Map
Adaptive Wet Weather Trail Management Plan (Revised 2013)
One Mile Recreation Area Map


Other City Parks

Park path and benches

The City operates additional parks within the community including Children’s Park and City Plaza. For other Chico parks run by the Chico Area Recreation and Parks District (CARD), please see their website. 


Volunteer Program

Make a Difference in your Parks and Greenways!

Join the PALS volunteers

Partners, Ambassadors, Leaders & Stewards

Did you know that each year 50% of Americans donate a total of more than 20 billion hours to various causes? The City’s Park Division, like a number of agencies and non-profit groups in Chico, seeks volunteers to contribute to the care of our Parks and Greenways.


The Stansbury Home

The Stansbury Home

The Stansbury Home is a Victorian home built by Dr. Oscar Stansbury in 1883. The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and in 1991 was listed as supporting the South Campus Historic District. Owned by the City of Chico, the Stansbury Home Preservation Association helps to fund and maintain the 19th-century historic residence.

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