Fire Prevention & Life Safety

Fire Prevention and Life Safety

Information on fire safety, water safety, fire extinguishers, flammable liquids, and more.


The following is a list of the services the Division of Community Risk Reduction performs:

  1. City Fire – Departments – City of Chico
  2. California Fire Code permit inspections.
  3. California Fire Code inspections, other than permit occupancies (schools, apartments, etc.)
  4. Fire service input to development review process.
  5. Fire service input to use permit process.
  6. Fire service recommendations for fire flow and fire fighting water system locations.
  7. Fire service input to required fire suppression system planning and installation.
  8. Fire service supervision of fire alarm system planning, installation and testing.
  9. Fire service input to General Plan and specific plans.
  10. Fire service input to environmental documents such as EIRs and mitigated negative declarations.
  11. Fire service advice to the public regarding fire code interpretation.
  12. Fire service input to fire code adoption and revision process.
  13. Fire Department liaison with Regional Water Quality Control Board, Federal Aviation Administration, District Attorney, Air Quality Management District, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Butte County Environmental Health, Red Cross, and the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
  14. Fire service requirements for plan check process.
  15. Membership in the Butte County Arson Task Force.
  16. Membership in Northern California Fire Prevention Officers Association.
  17. Determination of cause and origin of fires.
  18. Supplemental investigation of fires caused by arson or gross negligence.
  19. Court testimony for fire law violations such as arson.
  20. Issuance of citations and appearance in court for violations for various fire safety regulations.
  21. Enforcement of city fireworks ban.
  22. After hours public assembly occupancy inspections.
  23. Issuance of all California Fire Code permits.
  24. Maintenance of all required Community Risk Reduction files and records.
  25. Processing of all false alarm ordinance letters.
  26. Reporting building fire loss data to County Assessor.
  27. Providing fire incident reports to the public.
  28. Assistance to citizens following fire or other emergencies.
  29. Child and youth fire-setter counseling program.
  30. All qualified Incident Command System Information Officers.
  31. All qualified Incident Command System Staging Area Managers.
  32. Qualified Incident Command System Safety Officer.
  33. Investigation of citizen complaints.
  34. Recommendation of adjustments to Fire Department fee schedule.
  35. Supervise work of Community Risk Reduction volunteers.

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