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The Public Works Engineering Department consists of Traffic, Development, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water, Capital Project, and Construction Engineering Divisions. 

Our Mission Vision and Goals include the following:

  • Ensuring public safety through detail-oriented and strategic improvements to mitigate unsafe operation and use of our public property.
  • Providing safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation systems to enhance the City of Chico’s economy and livability for all modes of transportation.
  • Efficiently and effectively providing a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective sanitary sewer and storm water collection system for our residents and businesses.

Capital Projects

Bike bridge over freeway

The City’s Capital Improvements Projects Program continues its aggressive efforts to keep up with the needs of our growing community. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of developer impact fees, State and Federal grant funds, and the State’s gasoline tax (SB1).


Construction Inspection

person in yellow vest looking at clipboard at construction site

Construction Inspection provides construction management and inspection for various types of projects:  Capital Improvement Program, subdivision, special improvement districts and encroachment permits.


Development Engineering

a row of houses

The City of Chico’s Development Engineering Division is a part of the City’s Public Works Department.  Development Engineering provides prompt engineering review of development activities that are occurring within the City of Chico to ensure compliance with the Chico Municipal Code.  


Sewer & Storm Drain Engineering

Storm drain at corner of sidewalk

The Sewer Engineering Division is responsible for engineering the sewer and storm water collection system.

The Storm Water Engineering Division is responsible for coordinating and implementing the City’s Storm Water Management Program, a comprehensive program required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES); Storm Water Regulations (Phase II MS4 permit) regulated by the State Water Resources Quality Control Board (SWRQCB).


Traffic Engineering

Man installing pedestrian signal head on signal pole

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for transportation and traffic safety planning, as well as bicycle/pedestrian related projects.  Activities include reviewing capital and development projects for traffic safety, bicycle and pedestrian impacts, preparing grant applications, conducting traffic modeling studies, and other transportation-related projects.


Pavement Management Program

Pavement Management Program

The City of Chico maintains approximately 568 lane miles of roadway. Pavement maintenance and repair help improve the condition of these roadways and maximize their lifetime. 

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