Development Engineering

Development Engineering

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The City of Chico’s Development Engineering Division is a part of the City’s Public Works Department.  Development Engineering provides prompt engineering review of development activities that are occurring within the City of Chico to ensure compliance with the Chico Municipal Code.  

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Building Permits

Development Engineering is responsible for reviewing a wide range of Building Permits.  Some of the various Building Permit types include:

  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Single-Family Residential
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
  • Detached Garage’s
  • New Commercial Properties
  • Infills
  • Signs
  • Pools

We have various tools that can help with your Building Permit process and speed up the review process so you can get going on construction.  Development Engineering follows standardized checklists when reviewing plans.  These forms act as a guide and do not ensure approval from Development Engineering during the first review.  See the “Development Engineering Forms” quick link for these same forms.



eTrakIt is an online permitting tool that aids applicants in the Building Permit process.  See the “eTrakIt” quick link to log in to eTrakit for the following online permit services.  

  • Apply for permits online
  • Schedule an inspection
  • Research existing permits from 1997 to Present
  • Check inspection results


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