Cohasset Road Widening


Cohasset roadway at Sycamore creek bridge

Project Description

This project will complete the improvements programmed for Cohasset Road from the Sycamore Creek Bridge to Ryan Avenue in the vicinity of the Chico Municipal Airport. Sycamore Creek is located just east of Eaton Road.

Phases 1 and 2 of the project were completed in 2009 and 2008 respectively and included rehabilitating the roadway from Airpark Boulevard to Ryan Avenue, and reconstruction of the Sheep Hallow Bridge and its approaches in the vicinity of the City’s compost yard.

Phase 3 will widen and improve Cohasset Road from two to four lanes from the Sycamore Creek Bridge to Airpark Boulevard and include intersection and bike path lighting as well as bike path, drainage and landscaping improvements. Construction is slated for 250 working days and should be completed by the end of 2022.

side view of cohasset roadThe project is a vital component supporting economic development in North Chico, and the opportunities for future growth in that area. The Cohasset Road Widening addresses infrastructure issues and helps the City reach multiple objectives.

Project FAQs

  • Why are you widening this road?

Many factors came into consideration when the project was identified. The Chico Municipal Airport area has been is one of the City’s noted economic development areas, and as we continue our efforts to return commercial air service to Chico, this project, along with other infrastructure projects such as the Taxiway Reconstruction Project, will greatly assist the City in attracting a commercial carrier. Additionally, Cohasset Road currently has identified drainage issues and intersection improvements that this project will address. Also, the Chico Municipal Airport is used as an emergency staging area by CALFire and other agencies in a large incident response, and this project will increase access to that area, which will also decrease incident response time.

  • What delays should we expect?

Various lane closures are part of the construction process of this project. We understand that these construction projects and lane closures do create delays to our community traveling in the area, and we ask for their patience, as this project will greatly improve traffic flow in the area once completed.

  • Other than widening Cohasset Road to 4 lanes, what other improvements is this project providing?

The project will improve traffic flow and pavement condition with the project. It will add lighting to the bike path from the Eaton/Cohasset Road intersection all the way past Sheep Hallow Bridge close to where the path terminates. It will also allow more vehicles to be in left turn lanes for drivers that want to turn left from Cohasset Road (both directions), and allow drivers room to slow down gradually before making a turn. It will also improve signing and striping to reduce confusion when driving along the corridor.

  • Why is this happening at the same time as the project on Eaton and Highway 99?

Because of optimal weather conditions for construction, infrastructure construction projects are often slated for the summer months. The grant funding application and awarding process that funds these types of projects does have constraints; the City continually explored these grant funding opportunities to fund identified infrastructure needs and takes advantage of them as soon as they become available. Both of these projects are addressing needs in North Chico, and the overall improvements will increase traffic flows in these areas.

Public Outreach

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Environmental Clearance

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