City Services

City Services


Animal Services & Dog Licenses

Chico Animal Services is a section under the Chico Police Department and includes both Chico Animal Control and the Chico Animal Shelter.


Chico Municipal Airport

"Choose Chico - We're Going Places"

The City of Chico was recently awarded a Federal Aviation Administration grant to assist with the return of commercial air service from the Chico Municipal Airport.


Parking & Transportation

From navigating where to park to driving our City streets, we’ve got you covered so that you can keep moving.


Request for Proposals/Qualifications

Current open requests.

RFP-Emergency Non-Congregate Housing Site Services
This Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued by the City of Chico (“City”), to identify qualified and available organizations, agencies or other vendors (“Providers”) to provide certain resources and services for unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness at a specified location. Please click on “Projects to Bid” on the right to view the RFP within Public Purchase. The City will accept proposals until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.


Sewer Services

metal manhole cover on gray pavement

Need to connect to City sewer? Want to know more about storm drains and where they go? Our Public Works Department has you covered.


Solid Waste and Recycling

News Flash-Chico’s recycling services are not changing!

Some Chico residents recently received a flyer from Waste Management with a 2022 calendar stating that green waste and recycling collection will be every other week.

This flyer was sent in error and was intended for those Butte County residents who have always had every other week recycling services.  Please disregard this notice and continue to use your green waste and recycling containers each week. 


Street Sweeping & Leaf Collection

Every year, street sweeping helps keep our streets, storm drains, and waterways clean and safe by removing over 5,000 cubic yards of material from the roadway. Our leaf collection program collects and recycles all leaves for City residents during the fall and winter leaf pick-up season.


Street Trees

Chico is known as the “City of Trees,” with a robust urban forest history that began with John Bidwell. From how to care for your trees to what to do if you need one removed, we’ve got our Tree City USA covered.


Weather & Air Quality

On July 27, 2021, the City of Chico installed a Purple Air monitoring station and RainWise weather station that report real-time weather data from the downtown area.

The stations are installed on top of the Fred Davis Municipal Center (City Hall) and allow continuous monitoring of weather conditions during the fire season. This data helps residents make the best health choices when air pollution levels are at unsafe levels. This project was funded by the Butte County Air Quality Management District (BCAQMD) Community Air Protection (CAP) Support Grant.

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