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City of Chico

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Join the PALS volunteers

Join the PALS volunteers

Partners, Ambassadors, Leaders & Stewards
Did you know that each year 50% of Americans donate a total of more than 20 billion hours to various causes? The City’s Park Division, like a number of agencies and non-profit groups in Chico, seeks volunteers to contribute to the care of our Parks and Greenways.
Why Volunteer in Chico Parks and Greenways?
  • FOR FUN!
  • It keeps you active and fit.
  • It provides you with new experiences.
  • Some classes offer academic or service hours credit.
  • To connect with and give back to the Chico Community.
  • To feel good about yourself.
  • To make a positive difference.
You may even have some reasons unique to you!
CLICK HERE for a volunteer application. Thank you!
If you would like more information please call 530-896-7800 or via email

Volunteer Opportunities in the Park


Everyone has their favorite spot in Chico’s Parks and Greenways. Volunteers are needed to help care for these areas. Some tasks include weeding, cleaning BBQ grills, painting signs, litter removal and small construction projects. Once a spot has been adopted, Park staff will create a maintenance plan for the area to be followed by volunteers.

Litter Control

Individuals or groups are assigned or may choose a specific  Chico Park or Greenway to remove litter. In addition to these projects, the City co-sponsors several community-wide cleanups each year.

Park Ambassadors 

Do you enjoy visiting Bidwell Park on a regular basis? Then consider joining the PALS Ambassadors. PALS ambassadors provide visitors with information on Bidwell Park and the Chico area. Additionally they report any unusual activities or conditions to park rangers or maintenance staff.  To join, click on the  Volunteer Application, complete and return to the Park Division. 

Trail Maintenance & Repair

Volunteers work alongside our Park Trail crew to repair and maintain established trails (constructing water bars to reduce trail erosion, clean drainage dips, etc.). Volunteers can also help eradicate and re-vegetate unauthorized “bootleg” trails. There are two trail work seasons — fall and spring — in Upper Bidwell Park. .

Weeding & Habitat Restoration

Volunteers can help the Park Division reduce the amount of herbicides used in the Park by helping manually remove weeds and also help plant California native plants in our restoration areas to reduce weed growth. 

Special Projects

Volunteers can perform specially-designed projects in Bidwell Park. Construction projects such as information kiosks, shade structures, routed signs, and wood maps have been made by volunteers. Some Special Volunteer Projects* include:
  • The donation of funds & labor toward building accessible picnic sites in Lower Park.
  • The installation (and donation if possible) of split rail fence to replace old barriers.
  • Lower Park’s exercise Vita Course needs to be replaced. Donations of Vita Course exercise equipment are welcome.
*For costs associated with special projects or for more ideas on how you can volunteer in the Park, please call (530) 896-7800 or email:

Community Service

Youth and adults can complete community service or volunteer hours by participating in any of our drop-in programs or by scheduling a special project. Please contact the Park Services Coordinator for more information.

Volunteer Waiver Forms

Useful Resources

Partner Organizations Seeking Your Help

Volunteer Calendar

Volunteer Calendar

Chico Parks and Greenways PALS Volunteer Calendar
PALS logo with oak tree

Calendar updated often, please check back frequently.

Rain cancels events & this schedule may change. Please check work site location the day of event. If there are 10 or more in your group, please call or email in advance of work sessions.
The City of Chico, Parks Division is committed to helping ensure that volunteers have a rewarding and positive experience.  The PALS (Partners, Ambassadors, Leaders & Stewards) Volunteer Program has opportunities for you!