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City of Chico

City of Chico

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All City park areas are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless the area is reservable and is already reserved (a reservation sign will be posted). 
The two birthday rings at Caper Acres Playground are available to reserve for free for up to a two-hour maximum time period.
Note: Hooker Oak and Wildwood parks are reserved through Chico Area Recreation District (CARD).

Areas That May Be Reserved (see reservation application and fees below):

Please call the Park Department at (530) 896-7800, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to check availability of venues. Reservations are not valid until approved by the Park Division.


Park Reservation Application & Fees:

Please complete the application and return it with payment (checks should be payable to “City of Chico”) in person or by mail to:
City of Chico
Park Division
P.O. Box 3420
Chico, CA 95927
Or you can scan and email it to, and pay the fees with a Visa or Mastercard by phone at 530-896-7800.

Park Reservation Insurance Requirements:

Insurance:  Special Events Insurance is required for all Street Closure Permits, and all Park Permits that  have an expected attendance of 150 people or more, are a Special Event, such as a benefit walk/run, or is a type of event determined by the City that will have a potential risk.
The City of Chico has also partnered with Gales Creek to provide affordable Special Events Insurance that meets the City’s insurance requirements for Park and Street Closure Permits. Use the “Apply Online Now” button on the middle of the page to receive the discounted public agency rates.
It is not a requirement of the City of Chico that Special Events Insurance be purchased through Gales Creek.
Park Donations

Park Donations

Park Bench
Donations to the Park Division are deposited in a dedicated fund utilized only for Bidwell Park and the City’s Greenways. Donations are tax deductible because they are used solely for public purpose (IRS Publication 526 (2012), p. 2).

Many thanks to our Sponsors and Donors!

Many thanks to our Sponsors and Donors!

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Thank you for your gracious contributions helping to maintain our parks.