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City of Chico

City of Chico

Chico General Plan

The City’s General Plan, adopted in April 2011, is a statement of community priorities to guide public decision-making. It provides a comprehensive, long-range policy framework for the growth and preservation of Chico. The Plan’s goals, policies, and actions guide day-to-day decisions made by the City Council, boards, and commissions on the physical development of the city. Land use changes, budget decisions, and development proposals and projects are considered against the backdrop of the General Plan. The policies of the Plan apply to all properties within the City limits.
The Chico 2030 General Plan Annual Reports and Sustainability Indicators Reports are available for review.

Design Guidelines Manual

design guidelines manualThe purpose of creating the City of Chico Design Guidelines Manual is to lend predictability in the design review process of private and public development projects, facilitating applicants and City decision-makers in the design review process.  The Manual is intended to guide the aesthetic qualities of development in Chico and maintain its dignified visual character by integrating timeless architectural and landscape design with the natural beauty of its surrounding environment.  Use of the Manual is intended to continue the high priority that the community places on the design of development since Chico adopted its first architectural design ordinance in 1955.

Neighborhood Plans

The City has adopted three neighborhood plans that provide more fine-grained planning direction on a variety of topics, including land use, circulation, historic preservation, parks and open space, and improved infrastructure.

Area Plans

Area Studies

Subdivision Ordinance

Other Notable Documents

Procedural documents

Procedural documents

The services and responsibilities of the Planning Division are guided by several government codes, regulations, statutes and other procedural documents, including, but not limited to:

Official Planning Director Interpretations



















Historic Resources Inventory

Chico 2030 General Plan

Northwest Chico Specific Plan

Northwest Chico Specific Plan

The Northwest Chico Specific Plan defines parameters for the future development of Northwest Chico. Implementation of the Plan will create new residential neighborhoods in the area that have a distinct sense of place, are well-served by commercial uses and open space, and that celebrate the area’s natural amenities. The Plan is also intended to ensure that new infrastructure required to serve the area, particularly drainage and storm water systems, is attractively integrated with the new development it serves.