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City of Chico

City of Chico

State of California Incentives, Grants & Financing
To create business and economic opportunity within the State, several programs are offered through the State to help business grow and thrive:

Local Assistance

Navigating business development and/or expansion can be a difficult process.  The City of Chico offers assistance with each step of the development process such as business location assistance, permit streamlining, licensing, and business assistance referrals.  To connect with resources, or obtain assistance with a business development project, contact 

Other Incentives

PG&E offers an Economic Development Rate (EDR) to help businesses grow or maintain jobs in California.  The EDR offers eligible businesses the opportunity to lower their electric costs through reduced electric rate options: Economic Development Rate (  The 2024 Economic Development Rate for Chico is 12%.
Through the Alliance for Workforce Development, local employers hiring candidates that need to go through training for their new position can receive wage reimbursement to cover 50-100% of the trainee's wage rate during a specified amount of time.  On-the-job training programs assist businesses in training and retraining skilled, productive workers.  For more information see: AFWD-BUTTE-OJT-Flyer.pdf
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