Valley’s Edge Specific Plan

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The project applicant has created a website for this project. It is located at: (leaving City of Chico website)

Updated Public Review Draft 2022

Valley's Edge Specific Plan October 2022- Clean version

Valley's Edge Specific Plan October 2022- Track Changes

Draft Environmental Impact Report Documents

Notice of Availability for Valley's Edge

Draft Environmental Impact Report
Draft EIR Valley's Edge Specific Plan

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Comments Received
Appendix B - Air Quality Model Outputs
Appendix C - Biological Resource Reports
Appendix D - Cultural Resource Reports
Appendix E - Geotechnical Reports
Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Model Outputs
Appendix G - Phase I
Appendix H - Drainage Report
Appendix H - Drainage Report Figures
Appendix I - Noise Model Outputs
Appendix J - Water Supply Assessment
Appendix K - Traffic Study

Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Model Outputs UPDATED 11-12-2021

Public Draft Specific Plan

Public Review Draft Specific Plan

Individual Chapters

Cover page
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Guiding Principles Goals and Actions
Chapter 3- Parks
Chapter 4- Land Use
Chapter 5- Circulation
Chapter 6- Infrastructure
Chapter 7- Administration


Appendix A- Design Guidelines
Appendix B- Street Tree List
Appendix C- Use Tables
Appendix D- Rock Wall Supplement
Appendix E- Oak Woodland Mitigation and Management Plan


Old Files

Notice of Preparation

Preliminary Studies

Archaeological Report (excerpt only)
Biological Resource Assessment
Wetland Verification by Army Corps
Wetland Delineation Panel 1 of 2
Wetland Delineation Panel 2 of 2
Geotechnical Investigation Report
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Application Materials

Specific Plan 19-01 Application
Rezone 19-01 Application
Environmental Questionaire
Project Description (January 2019)
Preliminary Financing Plan (March 2019)
Infrastructure Phasing Plan (March 2019)

Valley’s Edge Project Maps

Location Map
Valley's Edge Land Use Plan

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