Valley’s Edge Specific Plan

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The project applicant has created a website for this project. It is located at: (leaving City of Chico website)

Final Environmental Documentation

Notice of Determination

Planning Commission Documents

12-1-2022 Planning Commission Agenda

Item 4.2 Valley's Edge Specific Plan Staff report

Additional Supporting Documents

VESP Project Overview

Updated Water Supply Assessment and Water Supply Verification

Final Environmental Impact Report Documents

Final EIR (Entire document, reduced for WEB)

Comment Letters received (1-52)

Final EIR (High Quality, broken into parts)

Part 1 - Final EIR (pp. 1-108)

Part 2 - (pp. 109-190)

Part 3 - (pp. 191-298)

Part 4 - (pp. 299-444)

Part 5 - (pp. 445-596)

Part 6 - (pp. 597-696)

Updated Public Review Draft Specific Plan 2022

Valley's Edge Specific Plan October 2022- Clean version

Valley's Edge Specific Plan October 2022- Track Changes

Valley's Edge Specific Plan October 2022 - Errata Sheet

Draft Environmental Impact Report Documents

Notice of Availability for Valley's Edge

Draft Environmental Impact Report
Draft EIR Valley's Edge Specific Plan

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Comments Received
Appendix B - Air Quality Model Outputs
Appendix C - Biological Resource Reports
Appendix D - Cultural Resource Reports
Appendix E - Geotechnical Reports
Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Model Outputs
Appendix G - Phase I
Appendix H - Drainage Report
Appendix H - Drainage Report Figures
Appendix I - Noise Model Outputs
Appendix J - Water Supply Assessment
Appendix K - Traffic Study

Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Model Outputs UPDATED 11-12-2021

Public Draft Specific Plan

Public Review Draft Specific Plan

Individual Chapters

Cover page
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Guiding Principles Goals and Actions
Chapter 3- Parks
Chapter 4- Land Use
Chapter 5- Circulation
Chapter 6- Infrastructure
Chapter 7- Administration


Appendix A- Design Guidelines
Appendix B- Street Tree List
Appendix C- Use Tables
Appendix D- Rock Wall Supplement
Appendix E- Oak Woodland Mitigation and Management Plan


Old Files

Notice of Preparation

Preliminary Studies

Archaeological Report (excerpt only)
Biological Resource Assessment
Wetland Verification by Army Corps
Wetland Delineation Panel 1 of 2
Wetland Delineation Panel 2 of 2
Geotechnical Investigation Report
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Application Materials

Specific Plan 19-01 Application
Rezone 19-01 Application
Environmental Questionaire
Project Description (January 2019)
Preliminary Financing Plan (March 2019)
Infrastructure Phasing Plan (March 2019)

Valley’s Edge Project Maps

Location Map
Valley's Edge Land Use Plan

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