Upcoming Annual Projects

yellow road equipment paving new road

Using the data complied with StreetSaver and analyzed by California State University Chico’s California Pavement Preservation Center faculty and students, the City of Chico has assessed and assigned upcoming Annual Roadway Projects* through 2032.

2022 Pine/Mulberry/Cypress Streets East 9th Street to East 20th Street
2023 East Avenue Esplanade to Cohasset Road
2024 Rio Lindo Avenue Cohasset Road to the Esplanade
2025  East 20th Street (West) Park Avenue to the Chico Marketplace entrance W/S
2026  East 20th Street (East) Chico Marketplace entrance W/S to Bruce Road
  • Notre Dame
  • Bruce Road
  • Skyway Avenue to Humboldt Road
  • East 8th Street to Deer Creek Highway
2028 Vallombrosa Avenue Mangrove Avenue to Manzanita Avenue
2029 Esplanade Broadway Street to Sycamore Creek
2030 Forest Avenue 8th Street to Skyway Avenue
2031 East Avenue Manzanita Avenue to Alamo Avenue

Broadway Street

Eaton Road 

West 16th Street N/S to West 11th Street N/S

Floral Avenue to Saint Lawrence Avenue

* Projects subject to change. 

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