Construction Nears Completion on the State Route 99 & Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project

Photo of roundabout with surrounding road Work began on this important safety project in August 2021, converting State Route 99 (SR 99) North Bound (NB) ramps at Eaton Road and Hicks Lane into one multilane five-leg roundabout intersection.

As final touches are completed, the City of Chico will be holding a ribbon cutting event to celebrate this milestone Capital Improvement Project in our community.

exit lane of roundabout The primary purpose of this project was to improve safety for all travel modes at the SR 99 NB ramp intersection and Hicks Lane intersection with Eaton Road. The secondary purpose of this project was to improve operations, reduce delay, and enhance mobility for all travel modes at the intersections. 


entrance to roundabout To learn more about the construction of this project, and to view project documents, please visit the SR 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project page.

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