Sheltering Provisions

Sheltering Provisions


Warming and Cooling Center

Center Activation Criteria, Location and Availability:

The Emergency Cooling Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperature staying at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation for several consecutive days.

The Emergency Warming Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation, temperatures at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit with ¾ inch or more of rain, or temperatures at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with wind speeds at 15 mph or more.


Shelter Bed Availability

In addition to the Pallet Shelter Site, the City of Chico has reached out to its community partners to provide a list of shelter space throughout the City.  

If you are currently in need of shelter, there is help available to you.

You may contact directly an emergency shelter in our community to learn more about the qualifications and intake procedures. Note, you are not required to go through the Outreach & Engagement assessment process to get assistance at these shelters, they can help you directly.

Torres Shelter: Contact directly at (530) 891-9048

Jesus Center: Contact directly at (530) 899-9343

If you are wanting to be assessed for the Pallet Shelter, we ask that you contact the Shelter Interest Phone Line at (530) 897-5890. You will be asked to leave your legal name, exact camping location, phone number, email (if possible) and date of birth when you call. (There are no walk-up intakes at the shelter site at this time.)

Outreach & Engagement team members will follow up with all callers that leave complete information. Due to a high volume of calls, it may take several weeks for somebody from the Outreach & Engagement Team to contact you. If you have previously called the Shelter Interest Line but need to update your camping location or contact information, please call again, we want to be able to help you!

General Information:

Please note the Pallet Shelter is not a diversion program and is currently focused on the unsheltered people in our community.



Alternative Camping Site

Per the Warren v. Chico Settlement Agreement, the City of Chico is required to provide an Alternative Camping Site “Site” for homeless individuals identified by the City’s Outreach and Engagement Team who are not eligible for the Torres Shelter or the Pallet Shelter.


Homeless Services Support Fund

Your contribution can make a difference!  The City of Chico has partnered with North Valley Community Foundation to create a charitable giving program that allows individuals to provide tax deductible donations towards homeless services within the City of Chico. Contributions will be used to help fund the City’s homeless services efforts such as services at the Chico Pallet Shelter and services at any other City sanctioned site.   

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