Sewer/Storm Drain Engineering

Sewer & Storm Drain Engineering

Storm drain at corner of sidewalk

The Sewer Engineering Division is responsible for engineering the sewer and storm water collection system.

The Storm Water Engineering Division is responsible for coordinating and implementing the City’s Storm Water Management Program, a comprehensive program required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES); Storm Water Regulations (Phase II MS4 permit) regulated by the State Water Resources Quality Control Board (SWRQCB).


Storm Water Resource Plan

Map of Big Chico Creek and Little Chico Creek Watersheds

Big Chico Creek and Little Chico Creek Watersheds Storm Water Resource Plan

The City of Chico developed a partially grant-funded Storm Water Resources Plan (SWRP) for the Big Chico Creek and Little Chico Creek Watersheds.  The purpose of the SWRP is to protect storm water quality by reducing pollutants and trash and to improve the use of storm water as a resource by “bringing to the top” those multi-benefit projects that can best meet the identified priorities on a watershed basis.


Low Impact Development

Picture of parking lot before construction

In conjunction with the State’s Proposition 84 Grant Program, the City of Chico implemented LID practices in City parking lots, greenways, and residential/commercial areas.

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