Warming and Cooling Center


Center Activation Criteria, Location and Availability:

The Emergency Warming Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation, temperatures at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit with ¾ inch or more of rain, or temperatures at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with wind speeds at 15 mph or more.

The Emergency Warming Center is currently being provided through a partnership with Safe Space.  The Intake Center for the Safe Space Warming Center is located at 2300 Fair Street, Chico.  Please see attached flyer for updated information regarding the location and timeframe for the Warming Center: Warming-Cooling Center Partnership.  In addition to the information on the flyer, please see the following Safe Space requirements:

  1. Do not line up for intake before 5pm.
  2. There are 30-50 beds available on a first-come first-serve basis.
  3. Be prepared to store belonging overnight.
  4. You can bring only those items that can fit into a 1-gallon plastic bag.
  5. Pets are welcome
  6. There is limited bike storage.
  7. Once intake is complete, you will be transported to shelter beds.
  8. Wake up at 6am and return to outtake at 8am.

The Emergency Cooling Center is activated when weather forecasts show the temperature staying at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no precipitation for several consecutive days.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Operations and Maintenance Department at (530) 894-4200.

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