Wanted Fugitive Arrest



 On July 10th 2020, at approximately 4:30 p.m. the Chico Police Dispatch Center received a call from a citizen who observed the occupants of a vehicle in possession of a handgun. Officers located the vehicle and learned the suspects had gone into an apartment on La Leita Court in Chico. Through investigation, Officers determined there had been three occupants of the vehicle. Two of the occupants, both 17 year-old females, were detained outside the residence. A third occupant, an adult male, was believed to still be inside the residence. Through investigation, Officers learned the male’s identity was 23 year-old Michael Gardenhire who had a felony warrant for his arrest and was likely hiding from Officers inside the La Leita residence.
Officers on scene attempted to call Gardenhire out of the residence by using a vehicle PA system. Gardenhire failed to respond. Based on a reasonable concern Gardenhire was armed, Chico P.D.’s specialized tactical team, the SWAT Team, was activated. After more call-outs by Chico P.D. SWAT, Gardenhire voluntarily exited the residence. He was arrested without incident, over five hours after the initial call. A subsequent search warrant was obtained for the residence and a search conducted. The firearm in question was located inside the residence where the two females and Gardenhire had been.

Gardenhire and one of the juvenile females were arrested for charges ranging from warrants to resisting arrest and violation of probation. Additional charges related to the firearm are pending further investigation. The second juvenile female was released to her parents.

La Leita Court was closed for approximately six hours as this incident unfolded. The Chico Police Department would like to thank the residents of La Leita Court for their understanding during this incident, as it was a considerable inconvenience for them.

Location: La Leita Court, Chico

Date/Time: 7/10/2020 1630 hrs to 2345 hrs
Victim: State of California, others withheld

Suspect(s): Juvenile female (name withheld) Michael Gardenhire (see attached photograph)

Supervisor: T. Tupper S11
Watch Commander: M. Rodden C6

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