Veteran Outreach


On 02/10/22 at 9:30am, the Chico Police Department was dispatched to the area of E. 6th St. and Flume St. The reporting party stated that there was a wheelchair bound male whose wheelchair had run out of batteries and was stranded. The first responding patrol officer summoned the Chico Police TARGET TEAM who were more familiar with connecting individuals with social services. After learning this person was combat veteran, the TARGET TEAM reached out to Veteran’s Affairs and the non- profit, Point of Contact. The TARGET TEAM was also assisted by Chico Housing Action Team. The TARGET TEAM facilitated a ride to a local hotel where the veteran could stay while the VA evaluates housing options. This call for service illustrates that Law Enforcement’s job does not always entail enforcement of the law. Sometimes Law Enforcement is in a unique position to connect citizens to the resources they need. This exemplifies the Chico Police Department’s commitment to a Community Orientated Policing model.

Location: Chico Area

Date/Time: 02/10/2022

Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto

Lieutenant: Brian Miller

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