Vehicle Fails to Brake and Breaks Gas Line

Case# 21-003814


On 6/26/21 at approximately 6:20 PM, Chico Police Officers were dispatched to Pine Tree Apartments, located on Emigrant Way, Chico CA. Dispatch received a report of a single vehicle that collided into an apartment, causing damage to a natural gas line.

Officers and Chico Fire Department arrived on scene and immediately began evacuations of the apartment building affected by the vehicle. The audible sound of the gas line could be heard for several hundred feet away, as well as the strong smell of natural gas. As Emergency Personnel began to stabilize the scene, PG&E, Butte EMS, and Ernie’s Towing were called to the scene to assist. The vehicle was unable to be moved from its location until the gas line could be rendered safe. The placement of the vehicle prevented PG&E Employees from accessing the damaged gas line.
Additional PG&E resources were requested and the damaged gas line was pinched closed approximately 1 hour 45 minutes after the collision., sealing the gas line and allowing the safe removal of the involved vehicle. PG&E employees remained on scene to further repair the damaged gas line.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle were located and determined to be not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The crash was determined to be unintentional.

Location: Pine Tree Apartments (Emigrant Way, Chico CA)
Date/Time: 6/26/21 6:20 PM
Incident Case Number: 21-003814
Victims: None
Suspect: None
Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer
Watch Commander: Lt. Tupper

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