Vehicle Collision on W. Sacramento Avenue

Case#: 20-002280


Chico, CA – On April 24, 2020 around 4:00 AM, the Chico Police Department received a report of a vehicle collision in the area of 1340 W. Sacramento Ave. CPD Officers arrived within minutes to find a silver sedan wedged between a utility pole and a fence. The driver, Harrison Kelsey, appeared to be injured and could not exit the vehicle on his own. Officers were able to extricate Kelsey from the vehicle, but Kelsey became uncooperative with officers and medical personnel. Officers placed Kelsey in a full body restraint device so that he could be treated and transported to the hospital safely. Officers are conducting an investigation into the cause of the crash and whether Kelsey was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle. Kelsey was the sole occupant of the vehicle and his injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

Location: 1340 W. Sacramento Ave.

Suspect: Harrison Kelsey (age 24) of Chico

Supervisor: Sgt. Durkin

Commander: Cmdr. Rodden

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