Vehicle Code Violations Towed from Comanche Creek Parking Lot


The Chico Police Department noted multiple vehicle code violations in the Comanche Creek parking lot. The violations included the blocking of the roadway in the parking lot. This was highlighted during two recent incidents: One was a recreational vehicle fire where the Fire Department and Police could not gain close access to the burning vehicle and the other was a medical call where an ambulance could not get out of the parking lot due to an illegally parked vehicle blocking the roadway. On 08/24/21, the Chico Police Department and City of Chico Code Enforcement placed notices on vehicles, many of which were in violation of 4000(a) of the California Vehicle Code. These vehicles registration were all expired past 6 months. Approximately 22 vehicles were noticed. This would make the vehicle immediately subject to being towed. The Police Department and Code Enforcement gave subjects 7 days to move their vehicles or get them in compliance with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Today seven vehicles were towed from the Comanche Creek parking lot for the following authority code sections:

22651(b) VC: Blocking a roadway.
22651(o) VC: Registration expired over 6 months.
22669(d) VC: Vehicle parked on highway lacking safety equipment.

The Chico Police Department would like to remind citizens that your vehicle must be currently registered to be parked on a public roadway. If your vehicle’s is registration is expired over six months, it is subject to being towed.

Location: Comanche Creek
Date/Time: 09/01/2021
Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto Lieutenant: Brian Miller

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