Vehicle Code Violations Enforced at Comanche Creek


The Chico Police TARGET TEAM was active on the south end of Chico today enforcing vehicle code violations. Four vehicles were noticed for a violation of 4000(a) of the California Vehicle Code. These vehicle’s registrations were all expired past 6 months. This would make the vehicle immediately subject to being towed. The Police Department put notices on the vehicles and will give the registered owners 7 days to get them in compliance with the Department of Motor Vehicles or they will be towed. An additional three vehicles were given citations for parking inside Comanche Creek Park outside the designated parking area.

The Chico Police Department would like to remind citizens that your vehicle must be currently registered to be parked on a public roadway. If your vehicle’s registration is expired over six months, it is subject to being towed.

Location: Comanche Creek
Date/Time: 09/22/21

Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto

Lieutenant: Brian Miller

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