Vegetative Fuels Management Plan



The City of Chico is proposing to implement a comprehensive program of work known as Vegetative Fuels Management Plan (referred to as the “Plan” or “the VFMP” or “the program”) to protect lives and property and enhance natural resources in the City of Chico.

The Plan covers all land owned and managed by the City, including parks, greenways, and open spaces (henceforth referred to collectively as “Chico parklands”). It identifies high fire hazard areas in greatest need of treatment, describes how fire can best be managed in each of Chico’s five main vegetation communities, and develops policies and actions focused on reducing the harmful impacts of wildfire in the community, while protecting and in many cases enhancing Chico’s natural resources, including by redressing the adverse effects of long-term fire suppression.

Draft Environmental Impact Report 2020

Draft Final Environmental Impact Report Feb 2021

Draft Final Vegetative Fuels Management Plan Feb 2021

Notice of Availability of Final EIR/Public Hearing

Public Hearing Notice - 4/6/21 Council Meeting

Final VFMP Programmatic EIR-April 2021

Final Vegetative Fuels Management Plan (VFMP)-April 2021

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