Used Oil Recycling


Why Recycle Used Oil?

Recycling Used Oil Benefits You, Your Family, and the Environment!

  • protects the water supply, including your drinking water, by keeping oil from seeping into the ground;
  • prevents oil pollution in recreational waterways—storm drains commonly lead to streams, bays, rivers, and oceans;
  • prevents plant, soil, surface water, and ground water contamination; and
  • helps you keep your community’s environment safe and clean.

More reasons to recycle used oil:

  • Used oil can be re-refined for reuse. Purchasing re-refined motor oil saves natural resources and lessens U.S. dependence on imported oil. It is against the law to dump used oil—from vehicles, lawn mowers, etc.—on the ground, in the trash, down storm drains, or down the sink or toilet.
  • Receive $0.16 for every gallon of used oil returned to a certified used oil collection center.

Click here to find local recycling locations for used motor oil and other automotive products

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