Urban Wildland Interface

Are you ready for wildfire?


What is the “Urban Wildland Interface”?

Living near the country side can be beautiful, but it can also increase the chance of catastrophic wildfires. In 2015, wildfires burned over 9.2 million acres. Many of these acres burned in the wildland and posed little threat to life and property. But other fires burned where the wildland meets civilization, i.e. The Urban Wildland Interface.

Fire in Chico

In Chico, there are properties that border wide open grasslands, riparian forests and oak woodlands. During the dry summer months, fires burning within these habitats can quickly grow out of control. This can lead to a fire literally burning in your backyard.

A fire in Chico

Firefighters will immediately respond and aggressively fight the fire. Unfortunately, this is not always enough so we are asking for your help.

How can you prepare for wildfire?

Our saying is “We’ll provide the offense, you can help us with the defense.” Creating defensible space will help keep your house safe during fire season.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Create a safety zone of up to 100 feet around your home.
  2. Remove dry brush and grass from around your home.
  3. Remove dead debris from your roof and gutters.
  4. Make sure any vegetation near your home is well watered.

Diagram of defensible space

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