Upper Bidwell Park Road Sediment Reduction Project

Environmental Review/Design Phase


The City of Chico received a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board to make improvements to the unpaved portion of the Upper Park Road past the Horseshoe Lake/Lot E gate in Upper Bidwell Park.  The purpose of this project is to reduce sediment from entering Big Chico Creek by controlling erosion and making other drainage improvements on 43 potential erosion sites on this section of the road. 

Individual treatment features include improvements to 40 stream crossings, 2 ditch relief culverts, and 1 spring, as well as road surface drainage and associated erosion treatments, such as rolling dips and armor fills. The Project will not involve paving this portion of the road.  Construction anticipated to start late Spring/Summer 2022.

Environmental Review is complete and the project is in the permitting and construction bid phase.  The following documents are now available for public review:

Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration

Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration - Upper Park Road Sediment Reduction Project

Technical Appendices/Reports:

Appendix A: Upper Park Road Tree Survey

Appendix B: Biological Surveys

2017 PWA Road Assessment/Action Plan

Notice of Determination and Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

Upper Park Trails & Road Sediment Action Plan




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