Upcoming Affordable Multi-Family Housing Projects

* - Funded in part by City of Chico


Click here for contacts and resources regarding in-service affordable housing and programs.

Now Leasing

Bruce Village/B20

1990 Belgium Ave            59 affordable Senior units          
Visit website for more information!   

North Creek Crossings @ Meriam Park, Phase II*

2265 Maclovia Ave          53 affordable units          Projected completion November 2023
If interested, please contact:       530-270-3102

Coming Soon

Senior (62+) Housing

Tonea Senior Apartments

184 Tonea Way                 103 affordable units       Projected completion in June 2023
Tonea Senior Housing - Initial Flyer
For more information, contact Domus Management Company
Phone: 866-666-0350 or

Special Needs Housing

1297 Park*

1297 Park Ave                   58 affordable units          Projected completion by January 2024

Family Housing

Deer Creek, Phase I

2768 Native Oak Drive   155 affordable units       Projected completion September 2023

Senator Conness

2754 Native Oak Drive   160 affordable units       Projected completion November 2023
Project and Leasing information: 

Deer Creek, Phase II

Native Oak Drive              47 affordable units          Projected completion September 2023

Fully Leased

Creekside Place*

1250 Notre Dame            100 affordable units       Senior (62+)/Special Needs Housing
For more information, visit

North Creek Crossings @ Meriam Park, Phase I*

2265 Maclovia Ave          105 affordable family units       
North Creek Crossings Flyer
If interested, please contact:       530-270-3102

Lava Ridge

2796 Native Oak Drive   97 affordable units          Family Apartments 
Lava Ridge Apts - Initial Lease Up Flyer

Domus Management Company
PO BOX 379 LODI, CA 95241
P: 866-666-0350

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