Two People Arrested for Resisting and Obstruction

Case# 21-007179


On 11/28/2021 at 2040 hours Chico police officers were dispatched to a disturbance at the Speedway Gas station located at the corner of Cohasset Rd. and Pillsbury Rd. The first officer on scene met with the store employee who advised the officer that the person causing the disturbance had left. The officer was about to leave when he was contacted by a concerned citizen in the parking lot. The citizen pointed out an intoxicated female, sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked at the gas pumps.

The officer contacted the female, identified and Elora Hubbard, who by then was standing outside of the vehicle. Because the officer had not seen Hubbard drive the vehicle, nor had anyone else, it was not possible to make an arrest for DUI. Instead, the officer was going to attempt to get Hubbard a safe ride.

As the officer contacted Hubbard, a male identified as Harrision Pratt, exited a separate vehicle in the parking lot and attempted to intercede in the officer’s actions. Pratt immediately and aggressively began name calling the officer and advocating for the intoxicated female. The officer told Pratt to step back from him. Pratt did not obey the officer’s legal commands but chose to walk aggressively toward the officer while continuing to yell at him. At one point Pratt was so close to the officer the officer had to push Pratt back. It was then the officer told Pratt he was under arrest for obstruction and delaying. Pratt resisted the arrest and had to be taken down to the ground. As the officer held Pratt down, Hubbard grabbed the officer’s collar trying to pull the officer off Pratt. The officer grabbed ahold of Hubbard and detained her until another officer arrived on scene. Both Pratt and Hubbard were arrested for resisting and obstructing.

Location: 2402 Cohasset Rd.
Date/Time: 11/28/2021 @2046 hours
Suspects: Harrison Pratt (40 y/o) of Chico, CA and Elora Hubbard (31 y/o) of Chico, CA
Charges: Delaying, resisting, or obstructing law enforcement a violation of Penal
Code Section 148(a)(1).

Supervisor: Mark Bass, Sergeant
Watch Commander: Mike Rodden, Lieutenant

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