Traffic Counts


Turning Movement Counts
Average Daily Traffic (ADT)

What are the different types of traffic counts and studies performed?

Turning Movement Counts – Survey typically performed during AM and PM peak hours to record the movement of vehicles from each direction at an intersection such as right, left, or through.

Average Daily Traffic – The traffic volumes shown on these maps are Average Daily Traffic (ADT) counts typically developed from 72-hour counts.  The numbers represent total volume in both directions in 24 hours.

How is this information used?

Collected data is used by the Traffic Engineering Division to evaluate the need for road improvements, traffic signal installations, traffic signal modifications, roadway capacity analysis, and bike and pedestrian projects. Counts are also used to project future traffic volumes.

The database information shown in the Peak Hour and 24-Hour Traffic Analytics links provide past traffic count data, as well as projected future traffic count data.

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