Theft of Mail, Possession of Burglary Tools, Drug and Paraphernalia Possession

Case#: 20-002249


On Tuesday evening, 4/21/20 at 7:22 PM, the Chico Police Department received a report of a suspect stealing mail from the community mailbox at 1450 Springfield Dr.  An alert citizen witnessed the theft and reported the suspects had left in a black sedan.  Responding officers located the suspects in an adjacent neighborhood with the help of residents. 

Sean Smiley of Oroville was identified as the suspect breaking into the mailboxes.  He was found in possession of stolen mail, burglary tools, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Smiley was arrested and booked into Butte County Jail.  The other subject was identified and released at the scene.

The Chico Police Department was able to take enforcement action because of the citizens who reported what they witnessed.  We would like to thank those citizens and remind everyone to contact us when you see something suspicious.

Location:   1450 Springfield Dr.

Suspect:  Sean Smiley (age 26) of Oroville              

Supervisor:  Sgt. Jeff Durkin

Commander: Cmdr. Mike Rodden

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