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What is the TARGET Team?

TARGET Team is a specialized neighborhood policing unit of the Chico Police Department. The mission of the TARGET Team is to address chronic crime and quality of life issues within the City of Chico. TARGET Officers accomplish this mission by adhering to the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing. The Target Team is currently staffed with one Sergeant, two Police Officers, and one Crime Prevention Officer.

How Can The TARGET Team Help You?

TARGET Officers primarily focus on crime and quality of life issues including, trespassing, vandalism, theft, and offenses against public property. Often, these issues have led to above average police responses. TARGET Officers work closely with the court system and local resource providers to assist offenders who request assistance with mental illness and drug/ alcohol issues. TARGET Team homeless outreach efforts have been recognized by local media other law enforcement agencies.

Reporting Information To TARGET

Report all emergencies or crimes in progress immediately by calling 911

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Non-emergency crimes can be reported by calling 530 897.4911. The TARGET Team monitors messages and information received through FacebookNextdoor,and phone line (530) 896-TIPS (8477). 

Trespass Arrest Authorization

The Chico Police Department Trespass Arrest Authorization form is available to assist property owners with trespassing issues. Under certain circumstances, the completed form authorizes the Chico Police Department to act as an agent for the property owner and enforce trespass laws when the property owner or manager is not present.  Section 602(o) of the California Penal Code applies to private property under the following circumstances:

  • A private dwelling or an apartment building with gated or fenced areas that can only be accessed by the owner, tenants or persons entering at the request of the owner, manager or tenants.
  • Commercial property that is enclosed by fencing, marked as closed, and off-limits to the public.
  • A business that charges admission.

If your trespassing issue fits the above criteria, you can fill out a Chico Police Trespass Arrest Authorization form authorizing police officers to enter your closed, private property to enforce applicable trespass or criminal laws. Forms are available for download HERE or at the police department lobby. Forms can be submitted by email or in person at the police department front counter during business hours. If you have questions about trespassing on your property please call (530) 897-4942 or email.

H.E.L.P. (Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program)

The HELP Program is funded to pay transportation costs for individuals who are homeless in Chico and wish to reunite with family or a support group in another area. In order to qualify for the program you must be homeless in Chico, have no pending court cases, warrants, or formal probation. The TARGET Team will contact family or support at your destination. Please have this information available if you wish to apply for the HELP Program. Contact Crime Prevention Officer Ed Nelson at (530) 897-4942

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The TARGET Team offers CPTED reports to property owners experiencing trespass, vandalism, theft, or other quality of life issues on or near their property. Please contact Crime Prevention Officer Ed Nelson for a CPTED evaluation of your property (530) 897-4942. Due to the popularity of this service, there may be a waiting list. To download Chico Police authorized trespass signage, click the link below:

Private Property Signage

Keeping The Community Connected & Informed

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Neighborhood Watch

The TARGET Team can help you organize a Neighborhood Watch through the use of Nextdoor. Nextdoor is an online social media application designed to improve communication between participating neighbors. The Chico Police Department uses Nextdoor to communicate crime and safety issues, public service announcements, and emergency information. Please visit the Nextdoor webpage for more information about this program. If you are interested in creating your own Neighborhood Watch signs or stickers, download the link below:

Neighborhood Watch Window Sign


Sergeant Cesar Sandoval: TARGET Supervisor
(530) 897-4941 email

Crime Prevention Officer Ed Nelson: TARGET media contact, C.P.T.E.D., H.E.L.P., Neighborhood Watch, social media
(530) 897-4942 email

Officer Mark Hoffman: TARGET Officer
(530) 897-4937 email

Officer Tony Ferreira: TARGET Officer
(530) 897-4936 email

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