Target 459

Case # 23-005639


On 8/25/23, at approximately 0251 hours, janitorial staff at 1951 E 20th Street (Target) contacted the Chico Police Department after locating an unknown subject inside the business after closing hours. Janitorial staff exited the business and contacted the Chico Police Department, leaving the subject inside the business.

Upon arrival, Chico Police officers contacted the manager for Target, who stated they desired to press charges against the subject for trespassing in the business after closing hours.

As officers were beginning to make announcements near the front of the business, the suspect, later identified as Seamus Moon, was seen walking amongst isles inside the business. Moon was contacted inside the business and was seen holding an alcoholic beverage he had taken from inside the store. Moon was subsequently detained in handcuffs without incident.

During the investigation, Moon was determined to be on Felony probation out of Butte County, with felony terms, including search terms. A search of the backpack Moon was wearing yielded more containers of alcohol from Target as well as clothing, indicating Moon had intended to take alcohol and the clothes from Target, a violation of 459PC (Commercial Burglary).

Moon was arrested and booked into the Butte County Jail on charges of 459PC, as well as a violation of his felony probation.

Location: 1951 E 20th Street (Target)

Suspect: Seamus Moon (DOB: 9/21/01)

Victim: Target

Supervisor: OIC E. Fuchs #87

Lieutenant: J. Durkin #L8

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