Suspects Apprehended Stealing Donations from Habitat for Humanity

Case# 21-3222


On 5/29/21 at approximately 2333 hours, Chico Police Dispatch was contacted by an employee of Habitat for Humanity’s Restore located at 220 Meyers Street, Chico CA. The employee reported observing several subjects damaging fencing to gain entry to the secure area of the business. Officers responded to the scene and arrived as two subjects were exiting the gated area. The subjects had filled a portable cart and a trash can with numerous power tools, electronic items, and miscellaneous donation items from the Restore. The subjects were detained without incident. K9 Officer Ed Marshall and his partner Kimbo responded to the scene and searched the area for other subjects. No other subjects were located.

The suspects were identified as Allen Hettinger (42 years old) and Marisella Mendez (38 yrs old). At the completion of the investigation, both Hettinger and Mendez were arrested for multiple violations of the California Penal Code and Health and Safety Code. Both subjects were transported to Chico Police Department and later to Butte County Jail.

Hettinger was arrested for a felony warrant, Petty Theft (484 California Penal Code ), Vandalism (594 PC), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 11364 HS, Possession of a Controlled Substance 11377 HS, Prowling (647(h) PC), and Trespass (602 PC).
Mendez was arrested for Petty Theft (484 PC) and Trespass (602 PC).
Location: 220 Meyers Street, Chico CA
Date/Time: 5/29/21 11:31 PM
Incident Case Number: 21-003222
Victims: Restore Habitat for Humanity
Suspects: Allen Hettinger (42 yrs old) and Marisella Mendez (38 yrs)
Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer
Watch Commander: Lt. Tupper

Male booking phot in white tank top

Female booking photo in a white top

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