Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested



With the aid of anonymous tips garnered from the public, a Chico PD patrol officer wrote a search warrant for Brentston Tyler Rhodes and his residence. On May 7th, 2021, at about 9:20 p.m., officers executed the warrant on the 600 Block of W. 7th Street in Chico.
Rhodes was located alone inside the residence. Officers searched the residence pursuant to the warrant. Officers recovered about ¾ of an ounce of cocaine, about 500 Xanax tablets, several other prescription medications, as well as numerous items used in the sales of illicit drugs. The origins of the Xanax pills are unknown, but there is a high likelihood they were manufactured illegally. Rhodes was arrested on a variety of drug sales violations, as well as a felony warrant for burglary, a misdemeanor warrant for DUI and another misdemeanor warrant for battery.

Rhodes was booked into the Butte County Jail.

Case Number: 21-002754
Location: 600 Block of W. 7th Street, Chico, CA
Victim: n/a
Suspect: Brentston Tyler Rhodes, age 24 (See attached photo)
Supervisor: Sergeant J. Adrian
Watch Commander: Lieutenant T. Tupper

Booking photo of male in black shirt


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