Suspect Attempts to Evade Officers in Stolen Vehicle

Case# 20-006257


On 11/14/20 at approximately 3:25 PM, Chico Police Dispatch as contacted by a stolen vehicle victim. The victim had reported their 1993 Nissan Maxima stolen the previous day. The victim reported the discovery of their vehicle near W. 11th Ave and Esplanade. Officers were dispatched to the area and began searching. Officers observed the vehicle driving near W. East Ave and Alamo. Fortunately for Officers, and unfortunately for the car thief, it did not appear that the suspect knew the area. Several wrong turns placed the suspect in a dead-end cul-de-sac. The driver fled the vehicle and attempted to flee into the Lindo Channel. Heavy brush and a quick response by Officers, allowed Chico Police Officers to apprehend the suspect a short time later. A passenger in the vehicle, Brianna Reed (30 yrs old) was also taken into Police custody. She was later determined to have a felony warrant for her arrest.
The vehicle did not appear to receive any damage during the short pursuit and during its unlawful possession by the suspect. The driver was identified as Frederick Simarro (49 yrs. old). Simarro was arrested for the following offenses: 10851(a) CVC: Stolen Vehicle, 148(a)(1) PC : Resisting or Delaying a Peace Officer , 23103(a) CVC: Reckless Driving and 2800.1(a) CVC: Evading a Police Officer in a Motor Vehicle.

Location: W. 11th Ave and W. Lindo Ave
Date/Time: 11/14/20 3:25 PM
Incident Case Number: 20-006257
Victims: Names Withheld

Suspect: Frederick Simarro (49 yrs. old)
Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer
Watch Commander: Lt. Rodden

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