Suicidal Subject Threatens To Jump

Case# 20-006046


On 11/04/20 at 12:01pm Chico Police Officers were dispatched to the Enloe Hospital Parking Structure for a subject threating to jump off the top floor. Chico Police Officers and Chico Fire personal arrived on scene. Officers from the hostage negotiation team were on duty and began a dialog with the subject. These officers have specialized training in de-escalation. The subject was dangling his legs precariously over the edge of the building. Officers summoned assistance from the Butte County Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team. BCMH assisted officers at the scene. The subject paced back and forth on the top wall edge of the structure. After two hours of talking to the subject he layed down on top of the wall. Officers were able to grab him and pull him to safety. Neither the subject in crisis nor officers were injured. The parking structure and traffic on W. 6th Ave. were affected for two hours during the incident. The subject was detained per 5150 W&I and is being evaluated at a local area facility.
Location: Enloe Hospital Parking Structure, 130 W. 6th Ave.

Date/Time: 11/04/20 @ 12:01pm
Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto S-9


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