Streets, Sidewalks, and Alley Grading


Our street maintenance section is responsible for maintaining more than 300 miles of streets and includes repairing potholes, eliminating hazardous sidewalk conditions with temporary repairs, repairing pavement failures prior to resurfacing or replacement, grading shoulders and alleys, graffiti removal in the public right-of-way, and responding to other emergency street conditions as needed.


Generally, adjacent property owners are responsible to maintain and repair the sidewalk around their property.  If you see a hazard, please call us and we can assist with an immediate, temporary fix until permanent repairs can be made.  To view the City’s Municipal Code on Sidewalk Repair, click here: Chico Municipal Code Title 14, Chapter 14.20 – Sidewalk Repair

Service Request

To request pothole repairs, grading, graffiti removal, or other right-of-way work, Report an Issue here, call us, or send us a message.

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