Stonegate Project Files


City Council Agenda Report For 10/02/18

Agenda Report

City Council Agenda Report For 09/18/18

Agenda Report

PC Agenda Report For 8/30/18

Agenda Report (16 MB)

Final Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report (20 MB)

Comment Letter Appendix

Aqua Terra Aeris

Aqua Terra Aeris


AquAlliance Letter Received 5-24-18
Exhibit A - Butte County GW Monitoring Results Fall 2017 GPAC
Exhibit B - BRCP Chapter 5 Figure 5-6
Exhibit C - U.S. EPA Public Notice SPK 1994-00040 04-07-2017
Exhibit D - Vollmar for Place Land Trust Small Vernal Pool Preserves Report 2009
Exhibit E - Christina Sloop etal Limnathes Presentation Abstract Vernal Pool Conference 2010
Exhibit F - Chico Urban 2017
Exhibit G - McManus Sac. Valley Water Resource Monitoring, Data Collection & Evaluation Framework 9-10-2007 Draft
Exhibit H - Moran Groundwater Ambient Monitoring & Assessment Results Sac Valley and Volcanic Provinces of Northern Calif. 2005
Exhibit I - Hoover Groundwater Concerns 2008
Exhibit J - AquAlliance Custis Graph Accretion 2014

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Draft Environmental Impact Report With No Appendices

Draft EIR with No Appendices (18 MB)

Draft Environmental Impact Review (in Sections):

Cover and Title Pages
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Executive Summary
III. Project Description

IV. Environmental Impact Analysis

A. Impacts Found To Be Less Than Significant
B. Aesthetics
C. Air Quality
D. Biological Resources
E. Cultural Resources
F. Geology and Soils
G. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
H. Hazards and Hazardous Materials
I. Hydrology and Water Quality
J. Land Use Planning
K. Noise
L. Population and Housing
M. Public Services
N. Recreation
O. Transportation Traffic
P. Utilities and Service Systems
Q. Tribal Cultural Resources

V. Cumulative Effects
VI. General Impact Categories
VII. Alternatives
VIII. Preparers of the EIR and Persons Consulted
IX. References


Appendix A: Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Initial Study
Appendix B: Responses to NOP - Comments Made at Scoping Meeting
Appendix C: Air Quality GHG CALEEMOD Outputs
Appendix D-1: Biological Resources Assessment
Appendix D-2: Rare Plant Survey and Mapping
Appendix D-3: Aquatic Resources Delineation, Foothill
Appendix E: Cultural Resources
Appendix F: Water Supply Assessment
Appendix G: Transportation Outputs
Appendix H: Noise Study

Stonegate Project Maps

Project Overview Exhibit (Color)
Subdivision Map with Refinements
Subdivision Map with Refinements - No Contours

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