South Campus Neighborhood Improvement Plan


As a result of a vehicle on pedestrian fatal collision in 2015, the Chico City Council received a petition from the Chico State University student body calling for improvements to this neighborhood due to several safety concerns.

The City Council directed Engineering staff to partner with the university on developing a holistic neighborhood improvement plan to address the safety concerns for all modes of transportation in this area. This neighborhood was the first development in the City of Chico, and now serves as the main housing for university students. Through this direction, the City of Chico staff partnered with University staff, through the Resilient Cities Initiative (RCI) to utilize existing university courses in coming up with the analysis and recommendations of the neighborhood improvement plan. This innovative and award winning approach to partnering a municipal agency with a university, is expected to produce a usable, neighborhood plan that will address lighting, sidewalks, urban forest, bicycle transportation and other related infrastructure improvements to improve the public safety and quality of life. The link below provides the details of the neighborhood plan and process used to come up with this plan.

South Campus Neighborhood Improvement Plan

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