Shooting at Motel 6 and Apprehension at Denny’s Restaurant

Case#: 20-001509


Chico, CA- On 03/04/20 at approximately 1804 hours, the Butte County Sheriff’s Department informed the Chico Police Department that they had just taken a report of a loaded firearm that had been stolen. The suspect was identified as Michael Sans Cartier-Ward. Butte County Sheriff’s Office also received reports of several shots being fired in the area of the theft.

At approximately 1836 hours, Chico Police received a 911 call from Motel 6 staff members regarding a physical fight between a mother and her adult son, which Chico Police later learned was Michael Sans Cartier-Ward. Chico Police also learned that Sans Cartier-Ward’s mother had driven him to Motel 6 to get him a room for the night. When they arrived at Motel 6, Michael attempted to steal the keys to his mother’s vehicle, so she fled into the lobby of Motel 6. Michael followed her into the office. Michael was seen in possession of a handgun. Michael left the motel lobby and then fired four shots outside of the motel.

Officers arrived at scene and located Michael in the Denny’s restaurant. The restaurant was evacuated and Michael was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm and being a drug addict in possession of a firearm. The firearm was not located.

If you have any information regarding this incident, or the whereabouts of the stolen firearm, the Chico Police Department encourages you to contact us at (530)897-4900. 

Location: 665 Manzanita Ct.

Date/Time: 03/04/20 6:36 PM

Incident Case Number:20-001509

Victims:  State of California

Suspect: Michael Austin Sans Cartier-Ward

Supervisor: Officer in Charge J.Jueckstock #65

Watch Commander: B. Miller C-4

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