Shooting in the Area of W. 2nd Ave. & Warner Street

Case#: 20-001060


Chico, CA –  On 2/15/2020 minutes after midnight the Chico Police Department received reports of shots heard in the area of W 2nd Ave and Warner St.  Officers arrived and located a large party letting out.  As Officers canvassed the crowd, partygoers denied any knowledge of a shooting or hearing shots.  The party dispersed as Officers stood by with no one coming forward.

About 10 minutes after Officers left the area, a 20 year-old male arrived at the Enloe Medical Center Emergency Room suffering from a gunshot wound.  At the time of this press release, the Victim’s injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

The victim, a Chico resident, indicated that he had been shot outside of a party, following a large fight.   It appears the party and fight that preceded the shooting, all occurred at the very location Officers initially responded to.  Officers resumed the investigation but have minimal information about the shooting. 

We believe that there are individuals who were at the party who have more information or who might have been eyewitnesses to the fight/shooting.   We are asking these folks to please come forward, call the Chico Police Department at 530-897-4900 and reference case #20-001060.

Location: W 2nd Ave at Warner St.  Chico, CA

Victim:  Withheld

Suspect:  Unknown

Supervisor:  Sgt. O. Peña

Commander: Cmdr. Aldridge

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