Case# 21-000111


On 1/6/21, at approximately 8:17 hours, Chico Police Dispatch received multiple 911 calls regarding a shot seen at 711 (308 Walnut Street, Chico). As Chico Police Officers and Chico Police VSU Detectives were responding to the scene, a possible victim vehicle and suspect vehicle information was provided. Once officers arrived at 711, a vehicle that had damage was located. Witnesses described the suspect as a male carry a bag leaving the area.  As officers canvased the area, evidence that a shooting had occurred was located. No gunshot victims were located.

Walnut Street between W. 3rd Street and W. 4th Street was closed for thru traffic for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. If anyone has information regarding this investigation, please contact VSU Det. Fliehr, Ref case number 21-000111.

Location: 711, 308 Walnut Street, Chico, CA
Victim: Withheld
Supervisor: Sgt. M. Escobedo S7
Commander: Lt. M William L9

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