Sex Offender Investigation

Case # 22-007249


On 12-3-22, a Chico Police Officer observed a known sex offender on parole driving and conducted an enforcement stop of parolee’s vehicle. The sex offender parolee was identified as Dillion Clark of Chico. The officer subsequently arrested Clark for refusing to unlock a cell phone in Clark’s possession. Clark was taken to the Butte County Jail for a violation of his parole terms.

The investigation and cellular phone were transferred to the Chico PD Investigations Unit. Detectives were able to gain access to Clark’s phone and found Clark was continually violating his parole conditions by contacting minor females over popular social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The conversations that occurred between Clark and the minor females were sexual in nature. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Clark and served Clark with his second arrest at the Butte County Jail on 12-14-22.

Detectives then located another minor female victim in the Chico area. Detectives located evidence that Clark had messaged the victim through social media applications and convinced her to leave her residence with him in October 2022. The victim was sexually assaulted and returned to her residence several hours later. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Clark on this investigation and served Clark with his third arrest at the Butte County Jail on 12-29-22. Clark remains housed at the Butte County Jail on a Parole violation and $403,000 bail.

During these investigations, it was apparent that Clark was actively seeking out minor females on social media and offering them marijuana, money, and other things to convince them to communicate sexually with him. CPD Detectives believe there may be additional victims that Clark may have sought out or had contact with. If anyone has information relevant to this investigation, they are encouraged to contact the Chico Police Department Detective Bureau at 530-897-5820.

Location: Chico area

Victim: Withheld

Suspect: Dillion Austin Clark, 24-year-old Chico resident

Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer

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